Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kissing scenes in movies – why this fad has never caught on in Bollywood

In the opinion of Bollywood superstar 49-year-old Salman Khan, kissing scenes are not necessary in a film. It seems he has edited the 30 minutes including a kissing scene from Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty’s debut film “Hero” of which he is the producer.
He has said that he has not done any kissing scene in his career – hence, it cannot be good for Sooraj and Athiya to do it. In fact he has added that they also did not want to do a kissing scene.
This has been reported in indianexpress.com dated 8 September 2015.
Of course, kissing has always been taboo in Indian movies – the lips can certainly come as close as possible but, at the precise moment, something dramatic would happen that would lead to a separation – it could be a bird flying away or the sudden arrival of someone on the scene to cause distraction.
Scenes of heroines getting wet in the rains is OK but not the complete lip-lock of two adults because that is vulgar!!
When viewed against the backdrop of hundreds of ads of toothpaste and mouth fresheners, one wonders whether the reason for dislike to kiss is the bad breath.
(Image courtesy wikimediacommons.org)

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